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    So Getcha Some really started out as a motivational thing for me to tell myself when I needed to dig deep or get that little extra umph. And now I find myself using it every day. I use it on stage as a welcoming invitation for people to join the party and just have a good time with me, but it also still serves as a reminder that I need to dig deep and leave every drop of sweat on that stage. And the EP, it’s just a summary of who I am as a person and as an artist. It's the project that I’m most proud of, it's the most well rounded, it’s fun, it’s relatable, it’s got energy, it’s got swag, it’s got the sexy vibes, it’s got the Latin flair, it's got absolutely everything I was hoping we’d accomplish and I’m really really proud of it. So go on and Getcha Some baby.


    Hey y'all this is Frank Ray and coming up next is my song "Late."


    What's up y'all this is Frank Ray and that was my new song "Late."


    Hey y'all this is Frank Ray and you just heard my new song "Late."


    So "Y'all Showed Up" is definitely the party of this album. It encompasses that one moment where just when you thought you were done, everybody shows up and before you know it you have one more and then you're on the floor. That's how it goes down and if there's ever a party or ever been a party at my house that's what it turns out like. It's super fun definitely welcoming and inviting and just a whole vibe and I'm really really proud of this track.


    "Somebody Else's Whiskey" has definitely grown into a fan favorite. I've played it at a couple of different rounds where people just have this great reaction because it's funny. It tells a really great story about a guy who just felt like he dodged a bullet in a really bad relationship and it worked out because she found somebody else as well and so the joke is it now he just has a little more whiskey for himself. She's drinking somebody else's whiskey on somebody else's tab so his life is all the better for it.

  • "LATE"

    "Late" is probably one of my favorite songs I've ever written. I wrote the song on my very first writer's retreat after moving to Nashville. I wrote it in South Carolina with some great buddies of mine and we really wanted to capture this family element that is very near and dear to my heart and I think we did that with this song and you know as much as we like to complain about people never being on time to things when they finally show up it's definitely worth the wait even when they're late.

  • "OUT ON ME"

    "Out On Me" is so much fun, I can't even begin to describe it. I mean the song and the music just they do that for themselves. I'm really really proud of this song and the way it turned out. It got to let me really experience some of that funk and high energy kind of vibe that we wanted to bring into this project and this song definitely sums that up so go on and Getcha Some.

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