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    Jason: So “Blame It On You” was a song that I got, it was actually written by a couple of guys in my band, Kurt Alison and Tully Kennedy, my guitar player and bass player. And it was just one of those things that was just really different for the record that I thought we were [kind of] missing. It kind of reminded me a lot of a song “Girl Like You” that we had where it kind of starts off down and you almost wonder is it going to be a ballad and then the chorus kicks in and it turns into ‘rock & roll’ so it was one that just kind of grabbed me right off the bat and I’m really glad we cut it, glad it’s the new single.


    Hey, what’s up I’m Jason Aldean and coming up next is my new single, “Blame It On You.”

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    Hey, what’s up guys, I’m Jason Aldean and you just heard my new single, “Blame It On You.”

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    Hey, I’m Jason Aldean and that was my new single, “Blame It On You.”

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