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    Hey I'm Jason Aldean and my new album, GEORGIA, is out now!

  • Out Now Feat "Trouble With A Heartbreak"

    Hey this is Jason Aldean and my new album, GEORGIA, is out now featuring "Trouble With A Heartbreak."

  • Your Listening To My New Song

    Hey what's up this is Jason Aldean and you're listening to my new song off my double album set... MACON, GEORGIA.

  • This Song is Off My Double Album Set

    Hey what's up this is Jason Aldean and this song is off my double album set... MACON, GEORGIA.

  • Whiskey Me Away

    “Whiskey Me Away," that’s a song that, actually Rodney Clawson sent me that song. I was on tour when I got it, and Rodney’s written ‘Amarillo Sky’ and ‘Johnny Cash’, just different things that we’ve cut over the years, and he goes, ‘man I got this song, and I wrote it with Morgan Wallen and I guess he’s not going to cut it.’ So, I heard this song and immediately text Rodney back and I’m like why in the hell is Morgan not cutting this, this is amazing, and he goes, ‘well I think Morgan said he had too many songs about drinking on his album.’ So, I guess that’s why Morgan didn’t cut it, but this song is one of my favorites that we did and, you know, definitely from day one was one that I had circled that could definitely be a single off the album.

  • Trouble With A Heartbreak

    “Trouble With A Heartbreak" the first single from the Georgia half D album was a song that, I don’t know, I felt like it came along pretty early, it was written by a couple of the guys in my band, Tully Kennedy, Kurt Allison and then a new artist John Morgan that we’re working with and those three guys actually had written the ‘If I Didn’t Love You’ single that we have with Carrie, and so they just really locked in, you know, over the last year or so, just were really locked in on writing and this was a song that came in that I just thought was really cool, different. Different from things we had put out recently, and I was excited to cut this thing, and I think it was pretty obvious right off the get-go that this was gonna be our single to launch the second part of the album.

  • The State I'm In

    “The State I’m In” I love this song, this is another John Morgan song that he wrote, turned in, and I just loved it. You know, it’s you know, when you talk about this guy that’s kinda gone through a breakup or whatever, and he’s just kinda like been all over the place trying to figure himself out, and you know every state you know he goes to, like what’s going on, I don’t know it’s just really cool, very clever, and so a lot of times I’m not really into songs like that, but this one was just really different, and cool, I loved the melody of it, and just what it was saying, it was just one of those songs that when I heard it the first time it just felt like a big song, a big hit.

  • Midnight and Missin' You

    “Midnight And Missin You" this is a song that again, my guys Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy and John Morgan were writers on this one. Really different. This song is really different. When it comes in, I don’t know, it just kinda immediately sort of grabs you and kinda makes you listen and go like, all right what is this saying, like where is it going, you kinda don’t really know where the song’s headed. One of those songs, you know, I think the verses are actually more up-tempo than the chorus, which is kinda odd. But, it’s just weird, I mean it’s just a song that I think when I heard it, it was just, it’s not your typical how you would write a song, how it flows, but just one of those things to me that was kinda like ear candy and I couldn’t stop listening to it, you know, we just kinda went it the studio and made it our thing, and it turned out really cool.

  • Ain't Enough Cowboy

    “Ain’t Enough Cowboy" Michael Tyler was one of the writers on this song who wrote ‘Girl Like You’ for us a couple albums back, and I don’t know, this was just kinda like, almost like a ‘Burnin’ It Down’ 2.0 kind of thing, you know, I think this is something that a lot of females probably would like to hear their guys say, is like hey, you know, I wanna kinda go be this bad-boy guy and do all these things but to be honest it’s just not, I don’t have it in me, you know, I’m too crazy about you to go and do these things and, you know, ain’t enough cowboy in me to do that, and so I just, I thought it was really cool, you know, kind of a sexy song, just something that I felt like every lady would probably like to hear from their guy.

  • God Made Airplanes

    “God Made Airplanes" this was a song, John Morgan, another John Morgan song, he actually wrote this with The Warren Brothers, and I believe it was Jessi Alexander. Those guys just went into writing and sent me this song and so, it was, I loved it, I loved the idea of what is was saying, it’s you know basically saying, you know you’re going through a breakup and, you know, it’s hard for you to get in your truck and drive away from it because, you know, it’ll make you wanna turn around, so that’s why God made airplanes, you get on a plane and there’s no turning it around, you gotta go where the plane’s headed, and just really cool, really cool song. I think this song has a potential to be a really big song for the album, big hit, you know something that I think people are gonna like just in general on the album, I think it just kinda brings something cool and different to the record.

  • My Weakness

    “My Weakness” is a song that we had, that song’s been around for a while. We actually tracked that song, I don’t know, probably two albums ago we tracked that song, and it just kinda came back up with this album. I had honestly kinda forgotten about it. It got brought back up one day, and I was like man, I remember us tracking the song and I don’t remember why I never put a vocal on it. So we went in, listened to it some more, remembered why I liked it, you know we went in, put a vocal on it, and just kinda tweaked some things here and there to kinda make it a little more, you know, make sense more for today than it did you know a few years back when we cut it, but really cool, I mean this is a really cool song, and I’m glad we finally had a chance to record this and let it see the light of day because, like I said, it’s been around for a while, I always loved the song, and I don’t even know why it never make an album before now.

  • Holy Water

    “Holy Water” a song written by my boy Ernest, and I was actually hanging out with Ernest down in Florida, we were at BK’s house from Florida Georgia Line and Ernest was there, and I was just kinda playing those guys some songs that I was thinking about cutting for this album, and so BK told Ernest, he’s like ‘man you should, you know, play him this song and that song’ and so he was kinda mentioning a couple different songs, and ‘Holy Water’ was one of those songs and when he played it, I just remember thinking like man, this is so different than anything not only for this record, but probably anything I’ve ever cut. And I don’t know, we were down in Florida at the beach, and I don’t know it just kinda all made sense down there, it was almost like it was kinda meant to be, but you know I love the song and talking about going down and, you know, down at Destin and those kind of places and, you know, this guy and this girl kinda had this magical experience down there and even though the relationship didn’t work out, that place will always kinda be known for its holy water of what it meant to them that summer, you know, it was just really cool, really well written, and just kinda one of those songs that sort of fell into my lap that I’m glad it did.

  • Rock and Roll Cowboy

    “Rock And Roll Cowboy” one of the writers is Neil Thrasher who’s kinda been one of our go-to guys in this town for a long time, written ‘Night Train’, ‘Tattoos on This Town’, ‘Fly Over States’ he’s written a ton of stuff for us over the years. I almost feel like this song was kinda like a biography of my life, you know to an extent, you know rock and roll cowboy, just you know, going out, living on the road, and sorta having to leave every week to go get on a bus and go on the road, and just like, how long do you do that, and you know, when is the time to like hang it up and do all these things, I think you kinda question yourself. So to me, this was a song that I could really relate to and almost felt like it was written for me and just kinda about my life, and so this is one of those songs I think probably gives a lot of people some insight into what it’s like to be an artist, to be me in particular, and some of the things you go through living life on the road for this many years.

  • Your Mama

    “Your Mama." There’s been some, I don’t know, I feel like there’s been a little bit of a misconception about this song, I’ve heard that, you know, somehow it was said that I recorded this song for my mom, which is actually not the case. As much as I love my mother, this was a song, if you listen to the words, it was actually a song that I recorded for my son, it’s kind of a letter to my son talking about his mom, which is my wife. She came from Carolina, she’s from North Carolina, she kinda came from Carolina and settled me down, and you know he came along, and you know, so to me it’s more of a letter to my son more so than to my own mother, and so this was a song that was just a really personal thing for me and something I wanted to record for him, and definitely I think when people hear this song they’re gonna think, man this is so different than anything probably that I’ve ever put on an album, but like I said it was just a really personal thing for me, and kinda the reason I wanted to include it on the album.

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