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  • "No Matter What" (cut X cut) [full]

    Austin Luther: “The first song on the record is "No Matter What." "No Matter What" is a song I relate to because I’m a very stubborn person and the first line of "No Matter What" is ‘there was a time way on back I thought I had my whole life figured out if anybody asked.’ So, in "No Matter What," this person is being stubborn in the fact that they just want to, whatever happens in life, they’re going to say you know what? That doesn’t matter, just take my hand, follow me and we’ll get through this no matter what.”

  • "No Matter What" (cut X cut) [10 sec]

    Hey, it’s King Calaway, and our new single “No Matter What” is about whatever life has to throw at you there’s light at the end of the tunnel and everything is going to be ‘a-okay!’

  • Hey, it's King Calaway!

  • Hey, it's King Calaway with our new single, "No Matter What."

  • Hey, it's King Calaway and you’re listening to our new single, "No Matter What."

  • Hey, it's King Calaway and that was our new single, "No Matter What."

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  • No Matter What

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