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  • Boy From Anderson County To The Moon

    Boy From Anderson County To The Moon is my favorite project that we’ve made so far and by far the one that I’m most proud of as far as the songs that are on it and the songs what they mean and the stories that they tell about my life and my friend’s lives and just people around me’s lives in general. And it's one we’ve worked so hard for the past couple years and we’ve been writing for for the past couple years and recording for for the past few years so it’s been in the works for a while and its so exciting to get to see it finally come to fruition and get to see it come out and just see people’s reaction to it and I’m just so excited for it.

  • "Excuses"

    So I wrote "Excuses" with Jordan Walker and Brett Tyler. We were sitting in the room for a little while and it'd been about an hour or so and we'd thrown like twenty ideas around a none of them were sticking. Then Brett said, I have this idea "Excuses." And I went oh man, our guitar player has this crazy story about his girlfriend breaking up with him. Girlfriend broke up with him literally the week before because she wasn't ready for a relationship and the day before I got to Nashville to write she was out on a date with a new dude in Dallas that was super rich so... perfect timing.


    Hey this is Kolby Cooper and coming up next is my song "Excuses."


    What's up this is Kolby Cooper and that was my new song "Excuses."


    Hey this is Kolby Cooper and you just heard my new song "Excuses."

  • "Are We On Fire"

    "Are We On Fire" is a song I wrote with my buddy Jordan Walker. We were up at the publishing company I write for, Combustion. I got there at like 9am one morning. And it was just like a dark gloomy day and it was a weird morning so far. The wi-fi hadn't been working, the lights were flickering in the room we were trying to write in. Our phones weren't working very good and we'd been trying to come up with an idea for like an hour or so and then the alarm downstairs just started going off and I looked at Jordan and I went man are we on fire? And he said lets write that and we wrote it and now it's one of my favorite songs. And I can't wait for people to hear it.

  • "Just A Door"

    "Just A Door" is a song I wrote with Jordan Walker about my old house that me my wife and our two girls lived in before the current one we lived in. It was my grandparents rent house. And it's from like, it's like the original post office in Bradford, Texas from like the late 1800s, early 1900s and it's an old house that's been added all around it. It's a cool house, probably super haunted. The front door looks like it's been there since it was built and I just looked at it and my thought was man, I bet there's just so many things that this door has seen. So many people have walked out of it and never came back in, so many people have walked in and it's seen so many things that you wouldn't think about. So we took that premise of what has this door seen and how many late nights it's seen. The late night fights, or all the good times, the bad times and we put it into this song and its one of the coolest songs that we've written and it's one of my favorites.

  • "Stars Fall Down"

    “Stars Fall Down” is a song that I wrote with Jordan Walker and Jacob Davis. It’s maybe my favorite song that I’ve ever wrote or been a part of writing because I have two little girls and I’ve been a parent since I was nineteen. To be able to write this song that really shows how I feel about being a parent and how I feel about my kids and how I want them to grow up and know that they can do whatever they want. I’m so proud of this one and I really hope that everyone enjoys it because we love it.

  • “Storm's Coming”

    So “Storm's Coming” is something that we’ve said since we started playing. It didn’t mean the same thing that it means in the song, but when we started playing, we would always say storms coming and it meant that we were working on big things and we were working really hard to keep pushing this thing forward and then we wrote the song and it’s about makeup sex. So completely different thing, but one of my favorite songs musically and lyrically ever. So, I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do.

  • "To The Moon"

    "To The Moon" is part of the title track obviously Boy From Anderson County To The Moon it has been a song that has meant an incredible amount to me since the day we wrote it. Me and a lot of the guys in the crew and the band got our to the moon tattoos literally I think like a week after we wrote the song so we were pretty committed to it early on. And I just the overall premise of the song and everything is just it's I just love it so much and I really hope that people can relate to it and appreciate it as much as we do and to the moon.

  • "Woke Up Hungover"

    "Woke Up Hungover" is a song that I wrote with Brant Anderson and Will Bundy and we wrote it about how hard it can be to get over someone that you really care about and someone that really means a whole lot to you. You know you can go out and have a night with the boys and drink all you want and do whatever you want but your probably gonna wake up that next morning just feeling hungover and not over the person so I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did writing it.

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