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    Chris: So, we got to perform “No Scrubs” on CW’s competition show ICONIC: TLC. TLC is one of our favorite groups of all time. They came out fearless and I feel like that’s what we are, me and my brother, Preston, we can out fearless in country music and just loving live and you can tell that they did too. Doing this song was actually a hard thing for us because it’s such an iconic song, “No Scrubs” and we didn’t want to mess it up and do the best we can but actually keep it where it still has the “No Scrubs” feel but put a little LOCASH behind it, a little country behind it. The girls ended up liking it and picked us, and it was fantastic, you can’t stop smiling, and who knows man there might be some collabs going on down the road with us and TLC.


    Preston: Throw in a train beat, some banjo, maybe some steel guitar and you’ve got the LOCASH country version of “No Scrubs.” Chilli and T-Boz were so awesome to work with, those girls are great. That’s why they’re icons. T-Boz has that low voice, I kind of have a low voice. There’s Chilli with the higher voice, similar to Chris’. So, when you put them together it's got this unique sound, that’s what made it so special. When all four of us were singing together it was just the coolest feeling, and who knows maybe LOCASH and TLC are about to do another collaboration.

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  • No Scrubs (Iconic Performance) [Official Audio]

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